Adding Method Of Ball Mill Steel Ball


Steel balls, also known as grinding media, are the main raw materials for ball mill grinding. Generally, when the ball mill is first loaded, the size, quantity, proportion, etc. of the steel balls, which are added incorrectly, will directly affect the grinding efficiency of the ball mill. Therefore, the addition of steel balls in the ball mill will directly affect the production efficiency of the ball mill.

General experience: the initial ball mill loading should account for 80% of the total ball loading, the proportion of large balls is roughly the same as the percentage of coarse ore particles, and the proportion of small balls is roughly the same as the percentage of fine ore particles. The above is the approximate addition of the steel balls of the ball mill. According to the different production conditions on site, the balls can also be appropriately supplemented.

The price of a 50-ton ball mill on the market starts at about 100,000 yuan, and the specific equipment price varies according to the different models selected above. We not only provide ball mills, but also provide a series of mining crushing equipment such as jaw crushers and cone crushers. We can customize a production line plan that suits you according to your requirements. You can also bring materials into the factory for inspection. ZENITH machines are You provide one-to-one technical consultation and free installation and commissioning throughout the process to ensure that your machine is put into operation smoothly.

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