Application Direction Of Petroleum Coke In Building Materials Industry


The application of building materials industry is the main development direction of petroleum coke treatment:

Firstly, petroleum coke is used together with cement clinker for grinding. However, due to the poor grindability of petroleum coke, the grindability coefficient is generally more than 5kwh / T higher than that of cement clinker, so it is difficult to achieve the ideal fineness and give full play to higher activity, so most of the addition amount is less than 40%;

Second, the petroleum coke grinding machine is used to grind the petroleum coke separately to a specific surface area of more than 420m2 / kg. The higher the specific surface area, the better its activity. With the in-depth research on energy-saving technology of petroleum coke grinding equipment and application economic technology of petroleum coke micro powder, the majority of cement enterprises realize that the most economical grinding fineness of petroleum coke micro powder should be controlled at about 400m2 / kg.

Such fine petroleum coke powder can not only be directly supplied to the concrete mixing plant as admixture, but also synthesize high content petroleum coke cement with clinker and gypsum powder. With the vigorous development of circular economy, the output of petroleum coke micropowder has doubled year by year. At present, it is close to 10 million tons / year. An emerging industry in the building materials industry is gradually taking shape.

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