The Characteristics Of Gypsum Powder


Gypsum is a monoclinic mineral and a hydrate whose main chemical component is calcium sulfate (CaSO4). Gypsum is a widely used industrial material and building material. 

The Role Of Gypsum Powder

1. Leveling the wall

In the decoration, gypsum powder is generally used for primary treatment, such as filling gaps, and painting the walls of the rough house with putty for the first time. Gypsum has good adhesion and is not easy to fall off. When used for wall leveling, gypsum powder is generally not used directly, and talc powder is also added to it to make the construction more convenient.

2. Make gypsum cement

Mixing appropriate amount of activator into gypsum powder can produce anhydrite cement or cementitious material, which is suitable for soft soil foundation reinforcement, wall painting, mechanical modeling, tunnel support and fiber pressure board production.

3. Other functions

Gypsum powder can be used as the main raw material of concrete expansion agent, anti-cracking agent, self-leveling mortar, and as a composite mineralizer in the production of special cement.

The Characteristics Of Gypsum Powder

1. Strong adhesion

Plastering plaster and various wall substrates (clay bricks, cement blocks, aerated concrete, fly ash bricks, gypsum blocks, cast-in-place concrete, ceilings, etc.) can be well bonded, and there is no need to brush when plastering Any interface agent, directly plastered, survives once, and the plastered wall will not appear hollow or cracking.

2. Good surface decoration

The plaster wall is delicate and smooth without dusting, high strength, no shrinkage, elegant appearance, no smell, no alkali, no cracks.

3. Strong fire performance

When the thickness of the plaster plaster is 20mm, the fire resistance limit can reach more than 2 hours.

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