Application Of Potash Feldspar In Ceramic Industry


Potassium feldspar accounts for 30% in the ceramic industry, and the rest is used in chemicals, glass fluxes, enamel raw materials, abrasives, glass fibers, welding rods and other industries. With the development of the economy, the consumption of glass products, building ceramics, etc. is increasing, and the demand for potassium feldspar is increasing day by day, and the market prospect is broad.

The application of potash feldspar in ceramics has the following aspects:

(1) Potash feldspar is both a flux raw material and a barren raw material. Lowering the firing temperature in the green body can shorten the drying time of the green body, and at the same time reduce the shrinkage and deformation of the green body during drying. The amount of potash feldspar in the ceramic industry accounts for about 30% of the total potash feldspar.

(2) Potash feldspar is melted into feldspar glass at high temperature, filling the voids between the particles of the green body, and the bonding particles make the green body compact, which can improve the transparency and help improve the mechanical strength of the green body.

(3) Feldspar glass is a liquid medium at high temperatures, which can promote the melting and mutual penetration of quartz and kaolin minerals, and promote the formation and development of mullite crystals.

(4) The composition of potash feldspar contains the main oxides in the porcelain blank, so as the main raw material, it can replace other industrial raw materials and reduce production costs.

With the vigorous development of the ceramic industry and the massive consumption of potash feldspar resources, the reserves of potash feldspar ore continue to decrease, and the cost of mining is increasing, so the price increase of potash feldspar becomes inevitable. The domestic high-quality potassium feldspar is in short supply.

To produce high-quality potash feldspar powder, we must first pay attention to the selection of potash feldspar raw materials, and also need to choose the appropriate potash feldspar processing equipment and technology. The Raymond mills and vertical mills can process potash feldspar, realizing the development of environmental protection and economy. If you need it, please contact us to provide you with a complete processing plan and budget evaluation for free!

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