LM Vertical Roller Mill For Pulverized Coal


The main equipment for energy conversion -- boiler, steam turbine and generator, is known as the three main engines of thermal power plants, and the boiler is the most basic energy conversion equipment among the three main engines.

The pulverized coal used for boiler combustion is an irregular fine coal particle which is ground into coal powder by the coal mill. The average particle size is 0.05-0.01mm, and the particle size below 20~50μm (micron) accounts for the vast majority. Because pulverized coal particles are very small and the surface is very large, it can absorb a lot of air, and it has the properties of general solids - fluidity.

The preparation of pulverized coal refers to the process of processing raw coal into pulverized coal with particle size and moisture content in line with the requirements of blast furnace coal injection.

The requirements of blast furnace injection system for pulverized coal are: particle size less than 74μm accounts for more than 80%, moisture is not more than 1%.

Shanghai Zenith LM vertical mill is recommended for pulverized Coal Powder production.

Technical Advantages

Small Comprehensive Investment

The equipment integrates the functions of crushing, drying, grinding, powder separating and transportation, featuring simple system and compact layout, with the floor space of about 50% of that of the ball mill system. And it can be arranged outdoors so as to greatly reduce the investment costs.

Low Operating Costs

Less wear: The roller does not contact the grinding plate directly and the roller and grinding plate are made of high-quality materials. Therefore, they enjoy longer service life and less wear.

High efficiency: The grinding rollers can directly grind materials on the grinding plate, featuring lower energy consumption (30% ~40% lower than that of ball mill systems).

Strong drying power: The hot air can directly contact materials in the mill. By adjusting the hot air temperature, it can satisfy the grinding demands of materials of different moisture content.

Stable performance: A limiting device is provided to prevent direct contact between the roller sleeve and the lining plate of the grinding plate, so that destructive impacts and violent vibration could be

avoided to lower the failure rate.

Simple maintenance: The roller sleeve and grinding plate can be easily replaced by means of the service cylinder, so that downtime losses could be significantly reduced.

Automatic Control System

The equipment is provided with an expert automatic control system, realizing free switching between remote and local control to achieve easy operation and save

labor costs.

High-quality Finished Products

The materials only stay in the mill for a short time, which can reduce repeated grinding, and facilitate testing and controlling the product particle size and chemical composition as well as stabilizing the product quality. The grinding roller does not directly contact the grinding plate, so the product contains very little iron and the iron contents due to mechanical wear can be easily removed, so that the whiteness and purity of the product can be effectively guaranteed.

An efficient dynamic and static combined powder classifier is adopted with the rotor speed adjustable, so that higher classification efficiency and top-quality finished products could be ensured to satisfy different requirements for fineness.

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