Application Of Quartz Sand Tailings


Quartz tailings include the waste residue in quartz mining, tailings and tailing mud in the process of processing, in which tailings account for the vast majority. As long as reasonable development and scientific utilization are made, pollution can be eliminated, waste can be turned into treasure, the application scope of mineral resources can be widened, and the added value of mineral resources can be increased.

1. Functional Filler

After superfine, the purity of the product is similar to that of the silicon powder product, and the whiteness is increased by nearly 12%. It can be used as fillers for fine ceramics, high-quality microporous calcium silicate, insulating materials, rubber, plastics, paints, coatings, etc.

2. Silica Brick

Silica brick is an acid refractory material, which is widely used in glass furnace, coke oven or hot blast stove. The requirement of silica brick raw material is that the content of SiO2 should not be less than 96%.

3. Coating Filler

Some quartz sand tailing mud has fine particle size and can be used as coating filler after classification and purification. For example, when it is used in the poly (ethyl acetate) coating, its coating products can absorb ultraviolet rays very well.

4. Architectural Ceramsite

Ceramsite for construction can be produced by using industrial wastes such as quartz sand tailing, fly ash and terrazzo. The mixing ratio of quartz sand tailing can reach more than 30%.

5. Glazed Tiles And Ceramic Glaze Materials

The content of quartz in magnetite quartzite is 58% - 62%. The introduction of 15% magnetite quartzite in ceramic body can improve the physical and mechanical properties of ceramic body and glaze layer, which can be effectively used to produce thick black glazed wall ceramics.

6. Cement

The chemical composition of quartz tailings can meet the requirements of cement proportioning, and its alkali content is low, so it can be used as a substitute for silica; From the point of view of physical properties, although the grindability of quartz tailings is very poor, its fineness is close to that of raw meal. After proper grinding, it can fully meet the fineness requirements.

7. Fired Brick And New Wall Materials

Using shale resources, adding 40% - 50% quartz sand tailings and waste mud, high-grade modular thermal insulation wall materials can be produced. Quartz tailings can also be used to develop sand aerated heat insulation, sound insulation and thermal insulation materials, which can provide materials for building energy conservation.

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