Application Of Talcum Powder In Plastics


The addition of superfine talcum powder master-batch to plastics can significantly improve the rigidity and creep resistance, hardness and surface scratch resistance, heat resistance and thermal deformation temperature of plastic products. The relatively fine talcum powder can also improve The impact strength of plastic products, and after addition, it also has a lubricating effect, which can promote flow and improve the processing technology of plastics.

1. Application in polyethylene resin

Filling polyethylene with it can improve the following properties: improve toughness, flexural modulus and torsional modulus; increase flexural strength; reduce creep tendency at room temperature and high temperature; increase thermal deformation temperature and dimensional stability; improve deformation It also has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion and warpage, improves thermal conductivity, improves the surface hardness and smoothness of molded parts, and improves the mechanical strength of polyethylene.

2. Application in polypropylene resin

Talc is often used to fill polypropylene. Talc has the characteristics of flake-like structure with flake configuration. Therefore, talc with finer particle size can be used as a reinforcing filler for polypropylene.

3. Application in ABS resin

Superfine talcum powder masterbatch is manufactured by a special method and has good dispersion and uniformity when added to plastics. It can not only significantly improve the original performance of ABS, but also reduce costs.

4. Application in polystyrene resin

Adding superfine talc powder masterbatch can improve impact toughness, adjust rheology, significantly increase the perturbation modulus, and increase the tensile yield strength.

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