Blast Furnace Slag Grinding Equipment


Blast furnace slag is a kind of waste slag discharged from the blast furnace when smelting pig iron. Because of its high physical and chemical activity and potential hydraulic properties, the slag powder processed by grinding equipment is widely used as a mixture in the cement industry.

Chemical Composition Of Blast Furnace Slag

The main chemical components in blast furnace slag are SiO2, Al2O3, CaO, MgO, MnO, FeO, S, etc. In addition, some slag also contains trace amounts of TiO2, V2O5, Na2O, BaO, P2O5, Cr2O3, etc. In blast furnace slag, CaO, SiO2, and Al2O3 account for more than 90% of the weight.

Blast Furnace Slag Grinding Equipment

The slag is ground into powder by grinding equipment, and micropowders of different fineness can be obtained. We recommend using a vertical mill to process and grind slag. Because the mill is finely crushed, pulverized, dried, powdered, and conveyed into one, the investment cost is reduced, and the new type of powder separator is used, and the specific surface area of ​​the finished product can be 400 It can be adjusted flexibly within the range of ~550㎡/kg, and has the significant advantages of high grinding efficiency, large drying capacity, low noise, low power consumption, simple process flow, and low operating cost. It is very suitable for large-scale mineral powder production lines. The main technology , economic indicators have reached the advanced level.

If you need a slag vertical mill, or want to test raw materials, you can contact us. We have our own industrial waste slag research center, a complete vertical mill, ball mill grinding test system and powder laboratory, which can provide customers with free All kinds of waste slag (slag, steel slag) are tested for raw materials to see if they are active and whether they can be used, and provide customers with a numerical basis for equipment selection!

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