Ball Mill For Feldspar Mining Process


Feldspar is a kind of aluminosilicate mineral containing calcium, sodium and potassium. It is the general name of Feldspar minerals.

Its main chemical components are SiO2, Al2O3, K2O, Fe2O3, Na2O and CaO, which are important rock-building minerals. Mainly used for manufacturing ceramics, enamel, glass raw materials, abrasive abrasive, in addition to potash fertilizer. Usually divided into two categories: orthoclase (potassium feldspar) and plagioclase. Mohs hardness: 6-6.5.

As for feldspar grinding powder, it is difficult to grind because of its high hardness. If the use of Raymond grinding, wear accessories should be used, and wearing parts will be very fast consumption. Generally, in the face of feldspar grinding, ball mill will be selected for processing. But the ball mill has the following disadvantages, making some customers in the choice of grinding machine caught in a dilemma.

1.Low comprehensive investment. The equipment integrates the functions of crushing,drying,grinding,powder separating and transportation,featuring simple system and compact layout, with the floor space of about 50% of that of the ball mill system, And it can be arranged outdoors so as to greatly reduce the investment costs. The system design is simple and reasonable, saving unnecessary equipment investment so as to reduce total investment of the equipment

2. low operating costs. As the roller does not contact the grinding directly and the roller and lining board are made of high-quality materials. Therefore, they enjoy longer service life and less wear. The grinding rollers can directly grind materials on the grinding disc, featuring lower energy consumption (30%-40%) lower than that of ball-mill systems. A limiting device is provided to prevent direct contact between the roller sleeve and the lining plate of the grinding disc, so that destructive impacts and violent vibration could be avoided to lower the failure rate.

3. Automatic control system. The equipment is provided with an expert automatic control system, realizing free switching between remote and local control to achieve easy operation and save labor costs

4. High-quality finished products. The materials only stay in the mill for a short time, which can reduce repeated grinding, and facilitate testing and controlling the product particle size and chemical composition as well as stabilizing the product quality. The grinding roller does not directly contact the grinding,disc, so the product contains very little iron and the iron contents due to mechanical wear can be easily removed so that the whiteness and purity of the product can be effectively guaranteed. An efficient dynamic and static combined powder is adopted with the rotor speed adjustable, so that higher classification efficiency and top-quality finished products could be ensured to satisfy different requirements for fineness

5. High Environmental Protection Standard. The equipment can operate stably with little vibration. So its noise is fairly low. The system is wholly sealed and works under negative pressure, free of dust spillover and environmentally friendly with the emission meeting the national standard.

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