Grinding Milling Production Line


In general, a milling production line consists of jaw breaking, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, main engine, auxiliary equipment, fan and control system. In these machines, the main machine (mill) determines whether the line can meet the expected production demand.

Milling Line Working Process

The material is first broken into small particles by the jaw and sent to the storage room by a hoist. The material is then fed evenly into the mill by a vibrating feeder. In the mill, after the material is extruded into powder, under the action of the fan, the qualified powder passes through the analyzer, through the conveying pipe and the powder collector, is stored in the storage room, discharged by the discharge port, that is, the final product.

The entire process takes place under a negative pressure ring, where air is first introduced into the duct by the fan and then the final product is carried into the upper end of the collector (upper part of the storage room). After the material is collected, the air is circulated through the return air duct and reused. At the bottom end of the collector, a locking system is installed, which can effectively isolate the external air pressure and ensure that the inside of the pipeline is in a negative pressure state and the entire production line is in a working state.

At the same time, the residual gas and dust generated during the milling process will be sent to the dust collector through the pipeline, purified by the dust collector and then discharged. In this way, the environment is protected.

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