How To Choose Bag Filter For Grinding Mill


The grinding mill is one of the indispensable equipment for non-metallic ore powder making industry. High efficiency, easy operation, the classifier can be adjusted by frequency conversion, the powder size is controlled accurately, the number of bearing replacements is small, the service cycle is long, the life of the grinding mill is 3-5 times longer than other equipment, and a new type of pulse bag filter were used.

The matters needing attention when choosing a pulse bag filter for grinding mill:

1. The Density of Powder

The dust density has a great influence on the dust removal performance of the bag filter, so when choosing the dust collector for the grinding mill, the first thing to pay attention is the bulk density of powder. To play the role of dust removal, it is necessary to take corresponding measures in the operation and structure of the dust collector.

2. The dispersion of Powder

Because of the difference in the working condition of the grinding mill, it will also have a certain impact on the performance of the dust collector. Therefore, when we choose the type of dust collector for the grinding mill, we must also clarify the degree of dust dispersion. Cyclone can be collected the powder with particle size coarser than 10υm. For finer powder, it is better choose pulse bag filter.

3. The Adhesion of Powder

In the grinding mill production, if the material with higher moisture content may cause the agglomeration, generally speaking, the smaller particle size, the larger specific surface area, and the higher the moisture content of the powder, the higher adhesion. Therefore, in the grinding production line, cyclone dust collector and bag dust collector can generally be selected.

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