How To Do Well The Regular Maintenance Of The Ultrafine Mill


In the production line of ultrafine grinding mill, it will have some faults and it needs clients to have the regular maintenance. Here will introduce the three common main faults and provide the related solutions: regular check the gear pair, bearing working conditions; regular check grinding roller wear situations and clean the foreign matters; do the gear pair lubrication works.

1. Regular Check the Gear Pair

in the working process of ultrafine grinding mill, if the client find there is abnormal voice and the machine has unsteadily work , the bearing temperature will raise and has abnormal phenomenon, it needs to check the problem timely and provide the suitable solutions.

When the space between small gear and large gear is becoming large, clients need to stop the machine and adjust the gear central distance to ensure the machine in normal working stage. When the small gear works through the rotating direction and the gear side has seriously been worn, it needs to stop and check and change the working side. It will let the other side being the main driving side. When the gear has breaking situation, it needs to change the new gear.

When the bearing space is becoming large, it needs to maintain the small gear shaft. When the small shaft space is becoming large, it needs to install the copper sheet to reduce the space. When the space cannot adjust, or it works rigidly, it needs to change the new one.

2. Regular Check the Grinding Roller

the successful working of ultrafine grinding mill is for the grinding roller rotating. Under the function of grinding roller, it will do the rotating movement and this can make the materials which are between grinding roller and grinding ring grinded. When there is hard material cannot be grinded in the machine, it will make the machine cannot work smoothly. The clients need to check the machine immediately and clean the matters.

3. Do the Gear Pair Lubrication Works

For ultrafine grinding mill, the following parts need to be lubricating: bearings, various gears and so on. Currently, the lubrication automatic has been improved into a high level and this reduces the manual operation workloads. For clients, you need to lubricate the machine timely.

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