Kaolin Ultra-fine Grinding Process


The kaolin product after beneficiation and purification reaches the best quality in the natural state, but it still does not meet the requirements of some applications, so it is necessary to further process the kaolin-ultra-fine grinding.

The crystalline layer of kaolin fractures in the process of ultrafine pulverization to produce flaky particles. Therefore, the ultrafine pulverization of kaolin is also called exfoliation. The stripping machine used in industry is mainly an ultrafine mill.

When pulverizing kaolin with an ultrafine mill, ceramic balls, glass balls, zircon and corundum are used as pulverizing media in order to avoid secondary pollution and ensure the whiteness of the product. Since the filling rate of the crushing medium will affect the production capacity of the mill, there are many media and the peeling effect is good, but the processing capacity is low, so the optimal filling rate should be determined through experiments based on the equipment performance.

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