Market Demand Analysis Of Barite Powder


The demand for barite in various industries has been increasing, especially in the coating industry and paint industry, which directly drives the booming demand for barite.

At present, China has become the world's largest producer of barite, with an annual output of 1.5 million tons, accounting for 34% of the world's total output. Other major producers include Mexico, the former Soviet Union, the United States, India, Turkey and Morocco.

Industry Demand Of Barite Powder

Barite after deep processing, it has become precipitated barium sulfate, high light barium sulfate, ultra-fine barium sulfate, nano barium sulfate, not only to meet the needs of various industries, but also for the plastics and rubber industry is a big advantage.

As a kind of filling material with good quality and low price, it is widely used in practice and is gradually popularized.

More than 50% of barite production is used in petroleum and geological drilling. According to statistics, a ton of barite powder is consumed for every 30 meters of drilling, so the consumption is large.

In the chemical industry, there is a fixed relationship between the production of various barium salts and the consumption of barite raw materials, and the consumption of barite is also very large.

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