What Are The Advantages Of The MTW Trapezium Mill Compared To Traditional Mill


MTW series as a new type of equipment in the milling industry, It has a more beautiful appearance, smaller footprint, greater production capacity, and lower energy consumption. It has been welcomed in the fields of mining, chemical engineering, construction, ceramics, sand making, etc. So, what are the advantages of the MTW series mill over the traditional mill?

New bevel gear, low consumption and high efficiency

The MTW European version of the mill uses a new bevel gear overall transmission technology. Compared with the traditional mill, its structure is more compact, which can reduce energy consumption to a certain extent and improve work efficiency.

Lubrication system to extend life

The European version of the mill uses a thin oil lubrication system to increase the lubrication between the bearings and increase the service life of the equipment. The lubrication system of the traditional mill is grease lubrication, which is easy to produce resistance between the bearings, which causes it to heat up too quickly during work and shorten the life of the equipment.

Curved air duct, not suitable for blocking

Traditional mills generally use straight plate type air ducts. When the airflow blocking the air duct plate, and resistance are easily generated, which leads to blockage. In response to this defect, the European version of the mill uses a new curved air duct and a tangential airflow inlet, which reduces the resistance and is beneficial to the dispersion of the material, making it difficult to block the material.

Optimized design and high efficiency

The European version of the mill has a vertical structure as a whole, with a simple shape and a relatively small footprint. The design of the grinding part adopts a new design, which can adjust and control the particle size of the finished product, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The important parts are made of excellent castings and sophisticated technology, which ensures the durability of the equipment, and industrial milling is more efficient.

Special dust collector, high environmental protection efficiency

Traditional mills are prone to generate large amounts of dust when they work. The technical R&D personnel have configured a dust collector for this defect. The dust emission concentration of the mill is completely lower than the environmental protection regulations.

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