Output Of Vertical Roller Mill


Factors Affecting The Output Of Vertical Mill

The maximum life and value of a vertical roller mill can bring benefits to customs, how to get best output in vertical roller mill is a problem that many people care about. First, should konw several factors affecting the output of vertical mill.

  • First of all, it is necessary to understand the hardness of the material, the general hardness of the material is very difficult to break up is very difficult, not easy to be crushed, and will also oppose the various parts of the mill to bring different degrees of damage, the overall will affect the output of the mill.
  • The second is to consider whether the humidity of the material is too large before the production. If the humidity is too large, it will contain too much water. In production, the moisture will easily flow into the interior of the mill. In the long run, it will easily cause the blockage of the vertical mill, and will eventually affect the output of the mill.

The Best Way To Improve The Efficiency Of The Vertical Mill

It is necessary to know the properties of the materials to be processed and choose the equipment according to the actual situation of the mill. This is the premise for ensuring the smooth production.

Vertical roller mill has greatly improved the technology and performance, which represents the higher development level of grinding mill. With 20 years production experience and strict requirements on the selection and forging of product, the quality of our vertical roller mill is in an absolutely leading position in milling equipment industry.

Advantages Of Vertical Roller Mill

First, low cost. It is the integration of crushing, drying, grinding, grading and conveying, the system is simple and uniform, which has compact layout, small occupied area. It also can be open layout, so as to reduce the large amount of investment.

Second, Vertical roller mill has the advantages of stable quality and high finished product. The crushed materials have short remaining time in the mill. The staying time is short, so the equipment to detect and control the product size and chemical composition will become simpler, thereby reducing the repeated grinding with more stable product quality.

Third, It is the convenient maintenance and operation, which can realize remote control and simple operation. It rotates the arm through the oil cylinder. The roller sleeve and the lining board are convenient and fast to be replaced, which can reduce the downtime losses.

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