The Cause Of Vibration In The Vertical Mill


Vibrations caused by insufficient warm-up. Insufficient preheating, the heat in the input mill will be partially absorbed by the grinding body, resulting in insufficient heat exchange, the thermal balance is broken, the friction of the material on the grinding plate is increased, the fluidity is reduced, the material bed plate is blocked, the powder yield of the material crushed by the grinding roller is reduced, and it cannot be taken away from the grinding plate by hot air, resulting in fluctuations in the material bed and causing vibration; Vibration caused by insufficient feed. The output of the vertical mill can be adjusted within a certain range, but when the feed amount is too low, the moisture in the mill is reduced, the heat absorption is lower than the supply heat, the material is dried quickly, the plasticity of the material bed is reduced, and it is not easy to form a stable material layer, causing vibration; Vibration caused by overmolding.

The grinding of raw materials is improved, the milling pressure is too high, the speed of the separator is too high, which may cause an increase in the suspended fine material above the grinding disc, an increase in the density of dusty gas, resulting in an increase in the probability of collisions between particles, the separator's powder selection process is disturbed, the material that reaches the fineness standard cannot be brought out of the vertical mill, the material balance is broken, and the proportion of fine materials on the bed is increased, causing vibration. Other causes that can cause vibration: vibration measurement element failure; Loose roller skin and loose liner; The amount of feed is too large, too small or unstable; Insufficient or unstable airflow in the system; The grinding pressure is too high or too low; The speed of the powder separator is too high; The nozzle ring is badly blocked, etc. 

The stability of the vertical mill is directly related to the production efficiency and production efficiency of the enterprise. ZENITH mining machine as a large-scale mill manufacturer with a high degree of specialization, high market visibility, good performance of mill equipment, can produce 325 mesh-2500 mesh powder, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, strong equipment practicality, saving investment costs. The product quality is stable, the material stays in the mill for a short time, and it is easy to detect the particle size distribution and composition of the product. 

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