Uses Of Quicklime


1. Quicklime has bactericidal and insecticidal effects. 

2. Quicklime can adjust soil properties. Quicklime reacts with water to form alkaline calcium hydroxide. If raw stone is used in acid or weak acid soil, it will play the role of neutralizing acid soil, and then change the soil properties and alleviate the problem of soil consolidation.

3. Quicklime has the function of fertilizing soil. The application of proper amount of quicklime in acid soil can improve the structure of soil aggregates, and then fertilize the soil. At the same time, by increasing the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, it can increase the number and activity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, such as nitrifying bacteria and cellulose decomposing bacteria, and then enhance the nitrogen fixation ability of crops such as soybean, Finally, it is conducive to the improvement of crop yield.

4. Quicklime can be used as vegetable oil decolorizer, drug carrier, soil amendment and calcium fertilizer.

5. Quicklime can be used as raw material to make calcium carbide, soda ash, bleaching powder, etc. it can also be used in tanning, wastewater purification, calcium hydroxide and various calcium compounds.

6. Quicklime can be used as analytical reagent. In gas analysis, it can be used as absorbent of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, spectral analysis reagent. High purity reagent can be used in epitaxy and diffusion process in semiconductor production, ammonia drying and alcohol dehydration in laboratory, etc.

7. Quicklime can be used as filler, such as filler in epoxy adhesive.

8. Quicklime can be used as building materials, metallurgical flux, cement accelerator and flux of phosphor.

9. Quicklime can act on refractory and desiccant.

10. Quicklime can be used to prepare and No.2 glue of agricultural machinery and underwater epoxy adhesive, and it can also react with 2402 resin.

11. Quicklime can remove sludge and treat acid wastewater.

12. The moisture absorption capacity of lime is used as the protective agent for boiler shutdown. The metal surface of boiler water vapor system is always dry to prevent corrosion. It is suitable for long-term shutdown protection of low pressure, medium pressure and small capacity drum boilers.

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