Pet-coke Powder Making Project

Jiangxi province is rich in petroleum coke resources, the customer purchased our company's MTW215 series European edition mill through comparative investigation, and established a carbon processing project with an annual output of 30,000 tons, providing important production raw materials for the local metallurgical industry.The production line, stable capacity, 400 mesh fineness to meet customer needs, reliable and durable.

The raw material is transported to the raw material box, and the frequency conversion belt feeder is continuously and evenly and quantitatively sent to the main mill chamber for grinding. The powder after grinding is carried out by the cage analysis machine with the fan air flow upward, and the powder of compound drug taking enters the bypass large cyclone collector with the air flow through the pipeline for separation and collection.After the powder discharge is in line with the 400 mesh requirements of the finished product, and the air flow is sucked into the blower by the return duct at the upper end of the cyclone collector.

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