Drilling Mud & Metallurgical Pellets Using Bentonite Processing Projects

The project is a bentonite processing project for drilling mud and metallurgical pellets in Shaanxi Province. Bentonite is a widely distributed clay mineral resource in nature, which has excellent properties such as water absorption, adsorption, suspension and dispersion. According to these physical properties, the bentonite is sodified by the sodium machine at the front end, and then the sodified bentonite is dried by the dryer. After drying, the dried material is sent to the European grinding machine for grinding.

After the large material is crushed to the required size by the jaw crusher, it is sent to the storage hopper by the hoist, and then the material is sent to the main grinding chamber of the 2 sets MTW175 grinding machines by the belt conveyor.The material after ground is sent to the sorting classifier by the air flow of the fan for classification. Under the action of the impeller of the classifier, the material that does not meet the requirement of fineness falls into the grinding room for re-grinding. The qualified material enters the cyclone for collection, then discharged by the discharging device as the finished powder.

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