Shandong Calcined Coke Milling Production Line

The processing material of the project is calcined petroleum coke, the finished product is carbon petroleum coke, and the finished product particle size is 200 mesh D65. Engineers also conducted site surveys, provided installation and commissioning, and brought customers quality service and good experience.

Production Line Advantages

The Total Investment In Equipment Is Small

Vertical structure, strong complete set, high degree of system integration, small footprint, lower total investment of equipment.

All-in-one Design Solution

According to the customer's requirements to design the corresponding process and process, to provide a fully meet the customer's needs of the integrated design program.

Green And Environmentally Friendly, No Dust Spillage

The use of negative pressure system, equipped with professional dust removal equipment, to achieve dust-free work site, in line with national environmental protection standards.

Efficient After-sales Service

As soon as there is a problem with the operation of the mill, our staff will rush to the customer site at a faster speed to help guide the customer to solve the problem.

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