Xinjiang Calcined Coke Milling Powder Production Line

The customer processes calcined coke, is a well-known local enterprise, for the equipment performance requirements are high, after multi-party comparison and field visits, choose to reach cooperation with our company. After the equipment is put into production, the production capacity is objective and the customer is very satisfied.

Production Line Advantages

Reasonable Layout, Small Footprint

Vertical structure, small footprint, strong complete set, self-contained production system, saving land area, better meet customer needs.

High Production Capacity And Stable Performance

The design of bevel gear integral transmission, split curved blade and curved air duct is adopted, so that the equipment has more stable performance and increases production capacity.

Easy To Operate And Maintain

The structure design is more compact, and the whole machine is durable and reliable. Superior performance, stable air volume and wind pressure, low failure rate, installation and adjustment is more convenient.

Green And Environmentally Friendly, No Dust Spillage

The negative pressure system is adopted, no dust pollution, and the feeding system, grinding system and finished product delivery system are equipped with efficient dust collection device to achieve dust-free operation.

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