Diatomite Grinding Solution

Introduction Of Diatomite

Diatomite is a kind of siliceous rock. Its chemical composition is mainly SiO2, which can be expressed by SiO2 • nH2O. The mineral composition is opal and its variants. It has some unique properties, such as: porosity, lower density, larger specific surface area, relative incompressibility and chemical stability. After crushing, sorting, calcining, airflow classification and removal of raw soil After the miscellaneous processing procedures change its particle size distribution and surface properties, it can be applied to various industrial requirements such as paint additives.

Application Of Diatomite Powder

Compound Fertilizer Industry

Compound fertilizer for various crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and plants.

Advantages of diatomite: strong adsorption performance, light bulk density, uniform fineness, neutral pH and non-toxic, good mixing uniformity. diatomite can be used as an efficient fertilizer to promote crop growth and improve soil. 

The larger the specific surface area and pore volume, the better.  

Rubber Industry

Filler in various rubber products such as vehicle tires, rubber tubes, triangle belts, rubber rolling, conveyor belts, car floor mats, etc.

Advantages of diatomite: it can obviously enhance the rigidity and strength of the product, the sedimentation volume can reach 95%, and can improve the performance of the product's heat resistance, wear resistance, thermal insulation, anti-aging and other chemical effects.

Building Insulation Industry

Roof insulation, thermal insulation bricks, calcium silicate thermal insulation materials, porous coal cake furnace, sound insulation and fireproof decorative boards and other thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation building materials, wall sound insulation decorative boards, floor tiles, ceramic products, etc.

The content of amorphous SiO2 is required to be greater than 55%, and other impurities are not decisive.

Paper Industry

Office paper, industrial paper and other papers; 

Advantages of diatomite: light and soft body, fineness in the range of 120 mesh to 1200 mesh, the addition of diatomite can make the paper smooth, light weight, good strength, reduce factors Humidity changes cause expansion and contraction. The burning rate can be adjusted in cigarette paper without any toxic side effects. The clarity of the filtrate can be improved in the filter paper and the filtering speed can be accelerated.

Paint Coating Industry

Various paint coating fillers for furniture, office paints, architectural coatings, machinery, home appliance paints, mimeograph inks, drain meters, automotive paints, etc.

Diatomite with high diatom content in original ore or beneficiation purification is required.

Industrial Filtration

Production of filter aids is used for the filtration of liquids such as beer, beverages, oil refining, grease, chemical reagents, pharmaceuticals, and water.

The content of amorphous SiO2 is required to be greater than 80%, with appropriate particle size and morphological characteristics, and the content of harmful trace elements should not exceed the prescribed standard.

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