Graphite Milling Machine For Sale

The graphite material is a kind of new material which has great prospects and widely used in high-tech fields. The graphite milling and mining process is complex and will need several graphite milling machines.

Graphite Milling And Mining Process

In the milling process, the incoming graphite products and concentrates can be ground before being classified (sized or screened), with the coarser flake size fractions (below 8 mesh, 8-20 mesh, 20-50 mesh) carefully preserved, and then the carbon contents are determined. Air classification using winnowers is also used to capture coarser flake and increase the head grade of feed to be subsequently concentrated.

Graphite Milling Machine For Sale

Gigh quality graphite processing equipment will help the majority of processors to better complete the production plan. Our products have different models and a variety of production capacity. If you want to know graphite mining machinery price or any other information, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you best service.

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