Ultrafine Raymond Mill Powder Machine

Ultrafine raymond mill powder machine for stone is important in India. Ultrafine raymond mill powder machine of ZENITH for stone plays an important role in India.

Ultrafine Raymond Mill Powder Machine Operating Principle

The ultrafine raymond mill powder machine is an air swept vertical ring mill with integral classification. A vertical shaft rotates an assembly of convex rolls within several concave grinding zones. Because the unit turns, centrifugal force drives the rolls against the grinding ring. Feed materials enters the very best of the grinding zones and flows down with the grinding components by means of gravity to a material spreading plate exactly where it really is distributed by centrifugal force and discharges into the process gasoline stream.

The fuel stream flows upward while in the annular space across the grinding zones on the turbine classi?er exactly where the coarse particles get separated and returned towards the grinding zone while acceptable materials flows to product collection in a pulse jet dust collector.

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